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Student Films and Rising Filmmakers Category

Logline / Summary:

Jasper, a senior cheerleader of Saint Noel University Pep squad, is down to his last performance to represent his future alma mater. With days before the competition, an unexpected incident arises that will test the team’s will as athletes.


Athletes are being judged not only with their skills and talents, but also with their appearance, contribution and role in their respective sports. There are many cheerleading films produced, but only few films tackle deeper problems. Most of the time, cheerleading becomes a subject for comedy and sensuality. Gaining years of experience from cheerleading helped the filmmaker in developing this study and film. Translating the world of cheerleading into a study and a film has been a big opportunity to break stereotypes and to prove that cheerleading is a competitive sport and must not be underestimated. The creative output encourages aspiring filmmakers to create more sports films and to continue in sharing the unheard stories of the athletes and their journey in pursuing their passion.

Directed by: Genevieve Ofiana

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